Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you also do regular house painting and how much?

A: Yes, absolutely. We do interior and exterior painting. That includes all prep work, moving large furniture, small repairs, masking, priming and painting. We also always wipe down and vacuum a space before putting furniture back. We will be happy to give a free estimate.

Q: Are you licensed?

 A: Yes. Our license number is 889107 

Q: Do you hire other painters?

 A: No we do not. You get two fast, meticulous and professional painters with over 35 years of experience between them.

Q: Do you install crown moulding and why?

 A: Yes we do. We help select, purchase, install and paint moulding. We do crown, chair rail, base boards and door casings.

We do this because we have been asked too many times to make a poor moulding installation look good with paint. This doesn’t work, so we install it ourselves, correctly the first time.

Q: Do you offer color consultations and how much?

A: Yes. I minored in color theory in college and have years of experience in selecting the appropriate paint colors for clients. I arrive with over 75 large (11×14) hand painted color boards to assist in the process, instead of choosing from postage size paint color chips. This saves frustration and money at almost $10 per quart. Also, just think of our landfills!

I charge $75 per hour and can usually do an entire house in 1-2 hours. No minimum charge. 

Q: In what areas of town do you paint?

A: San Diego. From Chula Vista to San Marcos.

We also have driven to Florida and Arizona to paint. 

Q: Do you do commercial as well as residential work?

 A: Yes we do mostly smaller commercial jobs. Mainly murals and faux finishes.

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A: I bid on a per job basis, not by the square foot. I figure out the amount of time that the job will take to complete. Of course, the more detailed and larger a mural is, so the longer it will take.

Murals range from a minimum of $350 and up.

To find out exactly how much your mural will cost, contact me for a free mural consultation. 

Q: I'm on a tight budget. Can you still work with me?

 A: Yes, I can design for any budget. I also offer “repeat client” and “friends and family” discount. I often provide a range of ideas with varying pricing options so that you can choose a concept that fits within your budget.

Q: What happens during the decorative painting / mural consultation?

A: With feedback from you, we establish a theme or basic direction, then I look at the room, the furniture, the plans and I offer ideas. Once we have the major concepts worked out, I make a sketch of the best idea(s) and give you a price for the mural based on the concept(s). 

Q: How do you expect payments?

A: 10% of the total amount is required in advance and the balance due upon completion.

We accept cash, checks, but not credit cards. 

Q: Do you have references?

 A: Yes we do. We have many clients happy to give out references for us. Check out our testimonial page too.