Pam Landa

When Bob and Brian arrived to paint my house, they came with the glowing recommendation of my in-laws. I had picked out a color for my interior walls and let them know my choice over the phone. It was a lovely shade of white. As Bob and Brian meticulously taped off borders in my family room, covered my furniture and carpet and began the process of painting, Bob (looking around at some of the colorful elements in my furniture and artwork) kindly asked, “Would you like to add any other colors to the interior? Cammy offers color consultation, if you would like to talk to her.” “Oh, Thank You,” I said. I’m really crazy about this shade of white I’ve picked out. “Great – We’ll get started”, said Bob. After a fantastic job of painting my family room, kitchen and nook in Flour Sack White, I started to wonder what “color” would actually look like. My husband and I, totally thrilled with our painters’ work and professionalism, asked them to return to paint some other rooms in our house. When the choice of color came up, I asked, “Do you mind if Cammy comes by?” Without using up all the space on this website, let me just say… It only took one visit with Cammy and her color swatches to change my whole concept of what color can do for a home. I was so completely impressed by her gift for choosing colors and her talent for faux painting (that I saw in her samples), that we hired Cammy and the team to paint our entire 4,000 square feet of interior space. And the best part is… only the ceilings and doors are white – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for reminding me of the joy in color!

Sue and Paul

Dear Cammy, Bob and Brian, I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for all you have done for us. We are so thankful for the fact that you were referred to us and came into our lives. From start to finish you have been professional, courteous, patient and kind. Your painting skills are the best we have ever seen and your attention to detail is incredible. It has been such a joy to have Bob and Brian in our home and especially to feel comfortable in leaving them to lock up for us. With our appreciation, Sue and Paul

Pat Schultz

We have used Camico Graphics several times for painting, decorating, refinishing, etc., and have always been impressed with their professionalism and awed by their talent. Cammy is a true artist – her beautiful paintings in my offices help my clients get through the stress of having their taxes done! We have also had our house painted inside and out, as well as doors refinished and a multitude of other things. All work was done on time, looked great, and was done at the prices quoted. I would highly recommend (and do!) Camico Graphics to anyone!

Diana and Larry

The Camico Graphics team of Bob, Brian and Cammy is second to none. You will instantly welcome them into your home the moment you meet them. Precision, professionalism and a true love of the art of painting is what sets Camico Graphics apart from the rest. Cammy’s eye for color and design and the team’s attention to detail will transform your rooms in ways you never imagined, all for a very reasonable price. Once the Camico Graphics trio begins painting, their enthusiasm and energy will give you a lift and leave you wanting more!

Ted and Marijane Hendrickson

Camico Graphics did a great job of transforming our 1980’s vintage look home into the late 2000’s. Cammy did an outstanding job of consulting with us on paint colors for the walls, floor coverings throughout the house, lighting, decorations, and design of our new staircase and other wood wall coverings throughout the home. Bob and Brian professionally painted the home. Their attention to detail was a pleasure to watch. Of equal importance was their considerate approach to their profession. They made every effort to make the construction process as painless as possible. We highly recommend Camico Graphics to anyone seeking to upgrade their home.

Dana and Carrie Hinton

Recently, we had the inside of our house painted by Camico Graphics. They not only do a very professional job but they give you that extra that you do not find very often in a company. Extra help in finding the right colors for your home, extra attention to details and extra care and consideration for your home. Needless to say we are very pleased with the results.

Dana and Carrie Hinton Homeowner

San Diego Homeowner

We found Cammy Stenavich to be a true professional who understood our budget and she provided excellent color recommendations to highlight our home. She was extremely helpful and gave us a couple of options we hadn’t even thought of from a designer’s perspective. It was truly a pleasure to meet and work with her. We will recommend her to our friends.